News Photographer Gets Doused in Fire Retardant While Filming Wildfires

It’s wildfire season in much of America, and the West Coast is getting hit particularly hard this summer. In Washington State, the town of Chelan—home of Lake Chelan, a popular vacation destination about three hours north of Seattle—has been in the local and national news this week as residents and vacationers are being evacuated and many of the lakefront homes have burned down. Photographer Eric Jensen was covering the Chelan wildfire for Seattle station KOMO News when this happened:

Engines roaring, a giant jet tanker flew directly overhead, dumping fire retardant on Jensen and his equipment. What sounded like a torrential downpour of rain instead brought down a rush of red liquid.

On Twitter, Jensen posted a photo of the aftermath, saying that his gear made it through relatively unscathed, but that the retardant tasted kind of like metallic soap.

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One response to “News Photographer Gets Doused in Fire Retardant While Filming Wildfires”

  1. jp grace says:

    seems like he would’ve/could’ve had a little forewarning, so as to get a raincoat over his lens. how do you get that stuff off your glass, I wonder? oh well, he’s a pro… why am I worried about his gear? lol

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