Move, Eat and Learn

Some of you may have seen this amazing project already but it is well worth revisiting for its unique, creative style. Rick Mereki used the themes of movement, learning, and eating to create three compelling short videos that leave you wanting more. As a travel photographer, I was very fascinated and inspired by this even though it is in fact a video project and not photography (but it was created with Canon 5D Mark II DSLR cameras):

move eat and learn

Traveling the World: Move, Eat and Learn

The first film, Move, is probably the most well known of the three. It features actor Andrew Lees walking and sometimes jumping and riding towards and across the camera. Although Andrew appears to walk normally, the background location changes rapidly with the beat of the music, revealing him to be in many locations around the world. The superb editing makes his journey appear seamless despite being shot in eleven countries over 44 days and on two Canon 5D Mark II cameras:

The next film is Learn. Again using actor Andrew Lees and a distinctive cinematic style, Rick has produced a film showing our subject learning a multitude of new experiences from wine tasting to playing the guitar. To convey the change of scene between each learning experience the team has used a clever transition of rapidly panning the camera into the next scene. As with all good editing, the effect is so subtle you only notice it if you are looking for it:

Last up we have Eat, which, as its name suggests, is about food from around the world. The same cinematic style is used but again with a slightly different editing technique. The film opens with a split screen of a plate of food. The left of the screen is half of one plate of food from one part of the world whilst the right of the screen is a completely different dish. The team cycles through these dishes before revealing our actor eating traditional foods in a large number of recognizable locations around the world:

The three videos work perfectly together to convey a sense of wanderlust in the viewer and leaving them wanting to Move, Learn, and Eat around the world. This amazing project inspired me to try travel more, how about you? Where is the next place you really want to go?

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