Incredible Self Portrait Captured Under Melting Glacier

If you had to choose a few words to sum up 2013, selfies would be one of them. Facebook and other social media sites have become saturated in these self-portraits usually taken with a cell phone camera. But Jonathan Tucker‘s latest photo is no ordinary selfie. This photographer took the time to capture a photo of himself while beneath a glacier in Alaska:

under glacier alaska self portrait

Perhaps one of the most amazing self-portraits you’ll find (Via Imgur)

Though it may look like the photographer just snapped a quick photo, much work probably went into the creation of this one image. Framing a self portrait can be particularly difficult since you can’t see what the image will look like while you’re standing in the photo until after you’ve taken the shot. Also notice that this is a long-exposure (or possibly a composite of a long exposure and short exposure). The water on the lower half of the frame is nice and smooth meaning the shutter was left open for some time to capture the movement of the water.

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