Following the Dream of Photography, Whatever Life Throws at You

Even for the able bodied, photography can require a certain amount of dexterity. Imagine trying to carry out that job with no arms. In this short video from ITN news, we meet an Indonesian woman who works professionally despite having lost both of her arms in an accident:

More significantly, what the video does not point out is that she is shooting on film, with a manual focus camera, so not only does she have to load film into the camera she needs to focus the lens as well. The video demonstrates not only her incredible dexterity despite her handicap, but also her incredible determination and indeed ambition.

dream of photography

Following the Dream of Photography

Not content with working as photographer for the local government and doing wedding work, she plans to open her own studio. She is truly an inspiration to all photographers and shows that if you have the right mindset, there are no barriers to being a good photographer.

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