Creative Dad’s Photography Turns Heads

It’s not unusual for parents to take frequent pictures of their sons and daughters. There are blogs featuring kids around every bend of the web. With the saturation of children’s images out there, it’s hard to break away from the usual cliches. But some photographers have caught attention with their extreme creativity in making photographic memories.

Wedding photographer Jason Lee first started taking outrageously clever photos of his two young daughters in 2006. Since then the hilarious ideas have just kept coming. Lee credits most of the ideas to his daughters. Check out some of the well-executed ideas featuring his joyful girls below:

From portrayals of his daughters taping each other to the wall to sending one another into orbit, Lee’s portraits are a rare delight. His work just might inspire you to ask your kids for a few photo ideas next time you’re in a creative rut.

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  1. There’s also “World’s Best Dad” Engledow Art Photography with Alice Bee…

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