Interesting Photo of the Day: Break on the Night Shift

Some of the most awe-inspiring images can be boiled down to one thing: location, location location.

Of course, once we are in a location, we need the skills to capture the scene as we see it, and as we want it to be seen by others. Still, from Margaret Bourke-White’s work from atop the Chrysler building to The Pale Blue Dot, great photographs have been made by the ability and willingness to go where others don’t, and this photograph by Jennifer Tse┬áis no different.

crane operator on night shift

Crane Operator Taking a Break on the Night Shift (imgur)

Inside a crane-operator’s cabin, hundreds of feet off the ground, we begin to see the Earth’s curvature (exaggerated by the fish-eye lens), and we see the scope of human civilization at the same time. All of this is framed, of course, by another marvel of human innovation: the crane itself, allowing this very photograph to be possible.

The impact of the image is palpable, with hard contrast and dramatic leading lines, all directing the eye freely and fluidly around the photograph, while the human presence in the bottom corner gives a feeling of repose to the vastness of the view before him.

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