Amazing New Technology Turns Your Photos Into Music

Have you ever looked at a photo and wondered what it might sound like if you could somehow convert the digital image file into a music file? Someone did. And I guess they assumed that at least one other person in the world did, too. And then they made this video:

“So I asked myself: what are two things? Can I turn one of those things into the other thing? And I did.”

In a brilliantly spot-on genre satire of TED Talks, this fake entrepreneur from The Onion introduces PicSong, an app that ostensibly analyzes colors, shapes, and file types, and somehow distills them into music notes that invariably sound like ridiculous garbage.

As if to prove why this absurd technology could ever be useful, the convincing speaker pulls out a smartphone, takes a shot of the crowd and turns it into something that sounds like the alien language in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


“Now, close your eyes. Imagine that you have a lot of photos. And you need them to be music for some reason, or some other problem, I don’t know. Open your eyes. This is the thing that solves your problem—whatever it is.”

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2 responses to “Amazing New Technology Turns Your Photos Into Music”

  1. Sharon Wolfe says:

    Okaaay, is this an April Fool’s Day joke or something? Because hey, if this is true then I gotta download this app on my friend’s phone so whenever she takes a selfie, Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” plays right away hah!

  2. Danny. says:

    I think Sharon Wolfe is on the ball. Of course it’s April Fool’s Day joke.
    If it is an app i want it.

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