Aerial Timelapse: The Life of an Airline Pilot

Photography has a way of helping people in all sorts of ways. For example, aerial photography comes to the rescue of those who find the idea of flying through the sky, thousands of feet above ground to be a rather terrifying idea. It gives grounded folks a different perspective of things, plus it looks really cool. Thanks to a pilot by the name of Jakub Vlk, we can now enjoy aerial photography by way of timelapse video. Below, you can spend an entire week at work with a pilot, seeing everything he sees from his perch in the flight deck of a commercial aircraft, without having to leave your desk. Go ahead and climb aboard:

The timelapse features great aerial footage from various locations and includes scenes of the plane taking off, navigating runways, and soaring through thick clouds over great stretches of land and water. It kinda makes you want to hop on a plane as soon as possible.

aerial photography

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