A Crowd-Sourced Short Film Using Hundreds of Instagram Photos in a Timelapse

Just how unique are your photos? Is everyone taking the same pictures? From the looks of social media, it would seem that everything’s been done before. But some artists are finding creative ways of turning similar photographs into something new.

Using 852 different Instagram photos, each from a different photographer, Thomas Jullien created a stop motion film depicting an entire day, from sun up to sun down:

The crowd-sourced timelapse, called An Instagram Short Film, seems as if it were orchestrated ahead of time, each Instagram user being assigned a subject. But Jullien used photos that had already been posted to the photo sharing app. He sorted through countless photos to find just the right subjects and angles for his short film.


From a soccer match to the Sydney Opera House to selfies to cyclists to planes to fireworks, the similarities in Instagram users’ photos in the movie are a glimpse at the power of social media to bring the world together in new ways.

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