Nature Photography Tips from a National Geographic Photographer

We’re all familiar with National Geographic, if not captivated by its endless amount of gorgeous photography. The magazine, which allows no editing of the photographs it uses, has set high standards for nature photographers everywhere. Being able to capture an image worthy of National Geographic takes quite a bit of talent and, as Michael Melford explains in the following video, a little bit of luck. Melford, a seasoned nature photographer, has shot for National Geographic as well as many other popular publications. If you can spare an hour and half of your time, Melford shares some of his photographs, insight, and tips that might get you one step further to becoming published yourself:

Inside of Melford’s camera bag:

national geographic photographerphotographing water

“16-35mm wide angle, this is my normal lens. I probably use it more than I should. Foreground, middleground, background, landscapes. Couple of examples, I like to get something close to me in the foreground and let your eye carry on.”

landscape photographyphotographing children

“I only use two filters. To me, if you learn nothing else, you’ll learn to go out and buy a polarizing filter for your camera.”

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10 responses to “Nature Photography Tips from a National Geographic Photographer”

  1. So good! And what beautiful photographs!

  2. Sue Berry says:

    So interesting and inspirational – some of the photos were so beautiful I had a lump in my throat! Such a down to earth, nice bloke too. Will be out tomorrow practising with my polariser!

  3. Angie says:

    These B&H tutorials/lectures are excellent. Please keep them coming!

  4. Roy says:

    Impressive work, definitely the inspiration I was missing.
    These B&H lectures are always interesting to watch.

  5. ChrisW says:

    Tim It is possible I may have read a second post however your 1st comment may steer others such as my self in a new direction that wasn’t attend to be. Either way his photography is quite good don’t you agree!

  6. TimR says:

    Chris…It wasn’t in the original post. Micheal may have forgotten to add it in the list and saw my correction and made the correction before you read the article

  7. Mo Benson says:

    I was totally inspired. He does what I’ve always said that I wanted to do. I enjoyed every second of the video and will watch it again. Excellent!

  8. ChrisW says:

    @TimR He did list it. It is the third item down.

  9. Paul Oyler says:

    @TimR – EXACTLY what I was thinking!

  10. TimR says:

    “16-35mm wide angle, this is my normal lens” … If this is Micheal’s normal lens, why didn’t he list it in his camera bag?

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