Landscape Photographer Shares Some Lightroom Tips

In this new video, photographer Nigel Danson shares some Lightroom tips and techniques that can make a huge difference in your images. Danson starts by explaining how to shoot a panorama using Lightroom. He suggests that instead of using a wide-angle lens, you can shoot multiple images and then stitch them together in Lightroom to create a wider-angle image:

Next, Danson demonstrates how to use the brush tool in masking by intersecting masks. He explains that you can use the option key on a Mac and click intersect to apply the brush where you want the color change to occur. This technique allows you to saturate specific colors without affecting other areas of the image.

Danson also talks about the compare view feature in Lightroom, which allows you to compare two images side-by-side while editing. He also shares a tip on sharpening, suggesting that you use masking to only sharpen specific areas of the image.

Additionally, Danson discusses the calibration feature in Lightroom, which allows you to adjust the saturation of the blue pixel, giving a subtle pop to the colors in your image. He also shares several quick-fire tips from his Instagram followers, such as syncing settings between images and using caps lock to rate images.

lightroom tip

Towards the end of the video, Danson provides some updates on his current project, including a book and short films. He also mentions that the video is sponsored by Squarespace and encourages viewers to visit their website for help with setting up a photography website or online store.

In summary, Danson’s Lightroom tips cover a range of techniques, from shooting panoramas to using intersection masks, and can be helpful for photographers looking to enhance their images.

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