Is Mobile Photography Ushering in a New Era?

Nowadays it seems as though everyone has their opinion on whether mobile photography is good or evil, and they aren’t afraid to tell us about it. As journalist and photographer Richard Koci Hernandez points out in the segment below for CNN, regardless of how we feel about it, mobile photography is here, an it’s making its mark on the way we look at photography as a whole:

One particular aspect of mobile photography that draws a lot of debate is the use of filters, such as those popularized by apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic. Many scrutinize the apps, some call it cheating, and some people shoot exclusively with them.


Yes, mobile photography has become a thing of convenience and, yes, it does make virtually everyone a “photographer”, but what Hernandez brings to the table is a rather diplomatic approach to the argument:

“Does it matter what camera I shot it on? That it’s black and white? That it has an Instagram filter on it? Even if we flood the world with more images, even not so good ones, is it really doing society harm?”

So, that being said, where do you stand? Is mobile photography ushering in a new era? Join the discussion on Facebook or Google+

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4 responses to “Is Mobile Photography Ushering in a New Era?”

  1. Jeff Greco says:

    Persoanlly I am against mobile photography, granted I use my android to take pictures of things I am not going to take the time to set up my Nikon for (i.e friends, snapshots of documents etc.) I do not support mobile photography, Instagram and many other apps such as it because people who have no idea about photography are posting all these photos with instagram and the new generation actuallly believes that is true photography. I encourage anyone and everyonee to give photography a shot but to also move past point and shoots and Iphones to see the mechanics of it and the technique to shoot photos they can be proud of.

  2. Federico says:

    You are not an artist because you have a pencil. Tools are 1% of the equation, the other 99% is the person who use the tool. I celebrate the options we have today in photography but we don’t have to mix mobile photography (a tool) and the art itself.

  3. bradster says:

    Welcome to the new world of photography!
    I love mobile photography. Sold my dslr gear and went strictly mobile.
    Traditional photography is staid and stoic. Too much focus one image IQ, instead of capturing interesting moments in life.

  4. JCA says:

    Mobile has its uses, But its not for me. Too little control. Has anybody yet produced a 30×40 canvas from a mobile capture yet?

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