Interesting Time-lapse Angle of Approaching Airliners

This unusual time-lapse video shows an endless march of airplanes approaching at London Heathrow Airport. It has gained quite a bit of attention because of the delicate appearance of these massive airliners:

They look almost like toys in fast motion, as we see the vulnerable and erratic wobble with which they soar, as the weather patterns behind and around them shift and blow calmly between clear skies and storm clouds. The ethereal violin and piano piece reflect the wistfully moving winds, juxtaposed by the loud and lumbering (though silenced) planes that dominate nature’s skies.

heathrow airport video

Crowded so snugly in with other approaching aircraft, the coordination these pilots must execute makes an elegant and awesome display. This video’s creator has given us all a lesson in finding beauty in unlikely places.

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