How to Watermark Images in Lightroom 5

The main benefit to working in Adobe Lightroom 5 is the control it gives photographers to batch edit images. This is especially useful when watermarking your work—why copy and paste each watermark when you can create a uniform logo and essentially hit “apply to all”? In the video below, Courtney Slazinik shows users how to get the most out of Lightroom’s watermarking tool:

How to Create Image Watermarks

  1. Click File -> Export, or right-click your image and find the Export option.
  2. Scroll down the window to find Watermarking.
  3. Select Edit Watermarks.
  4. Type in whatever text you want, or choose an icon using Image Options in the top-right corner and selecting Graphic above that. (Note: you can’t create a watermark graphic in Lightroom; you have to use another program.)


More Tips For Styling Your Watermark

  • You can grab your watermark on the image to adjust its size.
  • You can select a color, alignment, font, and opacity percentage under Text Options on the right. (Usually watermarks aren’t set to 100 percent opacity, to make them less distracting.)
  • At the very bottom of Text Options, you can use Anchor to configure the corner or side you want your watermark to appear in.
  • You can save your watermark as a preset for every photo using the Custom menu at the top.

Now, when you select multiple images for exporting, head to the watermark option and select your preset to enable it on every image you export.

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