How to Read a Camera’s Histogram

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The histogram is a graphical representation of the tonal range of the image, with the left side of the graph representing the shadows and the right side representing the highlights. By checking the histogram, you can determine if the image is properly exposed, or if it is underexposed or overexposed.

The histogram can also help you to identify areas of the image that are clipped (overexposed or underexposed to the point where detail is lost). If the graph is cut off at the left or right side of the graph, it may indicate that highlights or shadows are clipped in the image.

To read a histogram, look at the shape of the graph. If the graph is heavily weighted towards the left side, it may indicate that the image is underexposed (too dark).

underexposure histogram

If the graph is heavily weighted towards the right side, it may indicate that the image is overexposed (too bright).

overexposure histogram

If the graph is evenly distributed across the graph, it often indicates that the image is properly exposed. Good Job!

perfect exposure histogram

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