How to Improve Your Photography Without Buying a New Camera

Camera manufacturers do a great job of creating hype for their new products. And it’s easy to fall for it. A new camera doesn’t necessarily mean that your images will come out better. Tony & Chelsea Northrup discuss why you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a new camera. They also share a few things that are better than upgrading your camera:

Go on an Adventure

Spend your hard earned cash on an adventure rather than on fancy new gear. A plane ticket and your smartphone can get you way better pictures than a new camera in your backyard.

Or just drive to a nearby destination that’s new to you. Being in places that are rich naturally or culturally will present you with greater photo opportunities. And you don’t need the latest gear to create beautiful images there.

travel new places

Being in a new place can also encourage you to take more shots. It opens up your mind and allows you a fresh perspective.

“Try something new. Shoot something new, and you’ll re-spark that creative feeling—that exciting feeling.”

Practice and Experience

Every photo that you take need not be a masterpiece. Consider each opportunity to take a picture as a step toward a better photo. Practice as much as possible, and even make a schedule for yourself.

While working on your schedule, you may notice that everyday life can get in the way of your photography. Don’t give up that easily. Make time for photography. You may only get to shoot an hour a week, but make the most of that hour. Work on a long or short term personal project to keep yourself engaged.

Build Community

“Having other photographers to guide you and to influence you and to inspire you is incredibly important. And that community can be online or in-person at your local photography club, but I strongly urge you to get involved with a photography community.”

Sharing your work is important. You get feedback that helps you develop your skills. And by meeting up with other photographers and making friends with them, you’ll get to interact with like-minded people. You can go on photo walks and photo trips together, and they can also show you around the best places to shoot. Friendship with other photographers can take your photography higher.

Chase the Light

One very common mistake that beginner photographers make is taking photos according to their schedule’s convenience. Going out to shoot on a whim doesn’t cut it. The best images are made not by cramming photography into your schedule but by deliberately chasing light.

chasing light

Understand when lighting conditions are at their best. Wake up early, stay out in the evening; these are the times when the light has excellent properties. Put some extra effort into understanding and chasing light so that you get to shoot nature at its best.

There are many ways to improve your photography without buying new gear. Travel more. Make photographer friends. Keep practicing. Wake up early. Your photography will get better with the camera you already have!

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