High-Speed Photos of Ink Dropped In Water

I have to admit it, there haven’t been many occasions where I haven’t been fascinated by high speed photos. No matter the subject, it looks great when it’s perfectly frozen in time. Here we have some excellent photos of ink dropped into water and frozen in time by Alberto Seveso:

The process is fairly simple (or is it?). You take a transparent container, fill it up with water, and drop some ink in it. Then photograph that using your camera. Simple, right?

Well not really. You do need those ingredients, plus flashes, lots of time and patience, speed, and then some more speed.

Remember that you have a split second to snap a few after the ink hits the surface, while avoiding reflections and glare from the glass container. And, of course, after each ink drop you need to empty the container, clean it to pristine condition, and then do it again. Then repeat for several hundred times until you get some excellent shots. That is why I adore high-speed photography. It takes skill, time, patience and creativity and all those need to be fused together perfectly.

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