Curious Llamas Photobomb a Landscape Photographer’s Efforts in the Patagonias

Photobombs are everywhere. Be it that guy making faces in the background at your wedding reception, or that girl that’s always jumping in front of the camera while you try to take selfies. But rarely do you see these kinds of rascals out in the wild. However, during a trip to Patagonia, this photographer happened to run across three animals (look closely) who thought it would be funny to get in on the photo:


Curious llama photobombers (Via Imgur, Click for Full Size)

So what does this photo teach us? Though nature is usually described as being beautiful and powerful and, at times, even cruel, this photo reminds us that nature also has a sense of humor and quirkiness about it.

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3 responses to “Curious Llamas Photobomb a Landscape Photographer’s Efforts in the Patagonias”

  1. kostas says:

    So two Llamas saved an otherwise nice though nothingspecial photograph

  2. Geof W. Jackson says:

    I think the Llamas actually make the photo more unique. Also…notice the 3rd Llama just poking its head over the ridge near the center. Pretty cool, actually, to get that unique photo after the strenuous work of getting there.

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