Celestial Night Sky Timelapse Photography Over Michigan

Michigan isn’t the first place most poeple think of to see the majestic northern lights; however, in the spring of 2012, videographer Shawn Malone captured the celestial dance over the upper Michigan peninsula. It took Malone over a year to complete the timelapse video you see below, which also happened to be his first attempt at timelapse imagery:

In order to capture the night’s grandeur, Shawn used Canon 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III bodies coupled with various wide angle lenses. In the end, the result was over 10,000 still photo frames that were edited together to create 33 different scenes of the night sky event. The recent advancements in high ISO technology on the DSLR market undoubtedly helped Shawn is to capture such high quality timelapse video.

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“I feel blessed to live where I do and to share the beauty that I see in my own backyard with you. I hope it inspires others to take time to find the beauty that is everywhere around us and the importance of preserving our wondrous starlit skies.”


These heavenly night-scapes included the northern lights, meteor showers, and planets such as Venus and Jupiter. Wildlife encounters were also captured like a blue heron fishing for a midnight snack on the edge of Lake Superior.

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