Beginner’s Guide to Better Landscape Photography: Infographic

If you’re new to photography, you most likely get a little confused when it comes to keeping all the jargon, camera settings, and composition rules straight. We’ve all been there. And those of us who are visual learners will appreciate this helpful landscape photography infographic below, which clearly illustrates all the basics.


The Novice’s Guide to Better Landscape Photography (Via CustomMade. Click to see full size.)

This easy-to-understand resource sets us straight on choosing aperture settings, deciding on a focal point, and composing interesting landscape images. Print it out and hang it on your wall for a visual reminder that will improve your photography in no time.

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2 responses to “Beginner’s Guide to Better Landscape Photography: Infographic”

  1. Jayesh Kavadya says:

    Good experience. Very informative for a beginner like me

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