Amazing De-Blurring Feature Coming to the Next Photoshop

It looks like the product developers in the Adobe offices have been working hard to bring improvements and new features to their popular line of photo editing software. Coming in on the heels of the new Lightroom 5 Beta announcement, the Senior Photoshop Product Manager,  Zorana Gee, announced this week that the software makers are planning to add a new, and much anticipated, deblurring feature to Photoshop. Check out the video below for more details:

The feature, which Adobe is calling Shake Reduction, will be found in the filter menu alongside the rest of their sharpening tools. Once a user clicks the feature from the drop down menu, a dialog box will appear and Photoshop will auto-detect an area of the image to apply the filter to. There will also be some advanced controls and a preview screen inside the dialog box to help photographers fine tune the adjustment.

photoshop filters

A look at a sample photo before the shake reduction was applied.

adobe photoshop features

And a look at the same photo after the new shake reduction was processed.

As with any filter of this kind, it is not necessarily meant to be a cure all and will, undoubtedly come with some drawbacks. The filter can’t be expected to correct severe camera shake blur, but when used in certain situations, such as the above photo, it appears to enhance the sharpness of a photo quite nicely.

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