Abstract Fashion Photographs Using a Mirror Prism

Fashion photographers often meet the challenge of thinking of new and interesting concepts for photo shoots. In the following video, Lindsay Adler discusses her “Prismatic” fashion editorial photo shoot in which she used a mirror prism to create abstract, kaleidoscope-like photographs. This simple tool makes it possible to capture such images in-camera, instead of having to put much effort into processing the photos after they were shot:

A mirror prism is a very versatile tool, as different types of lenses produce an array of results. In this photo shoot, Lindsay used Sigma 50mm F1.4 and Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 lenses. By experimenting with the position of the lens within the prism, she captured photographs in which the model was showcased with mirrored images, and the surroundings were also showcased in their own mirrored triangles. This created a surreal effect, separating the model from the surroundings but also having them together in one image.

lindsay adler mirror prism fashion editorial

The images were made black and white for high contrast between the model, the sky and the surrounding buildings. This gave the images a dramatic look, blending well with the model’s bold fashion and hairstyle. The choice to make the photos black and white also simplified the photographs, making it easier to view the individual parts of each photograph as a whole.

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