A Stunning Photo Shoot in Fairy Caves and a Real Life Disney Library

Beauty and the Beast fans, you’ll be impressed by this one. Benjamin Von Wong is well known for taking portraiture to a whole different level—and for his extravagant style. It isn’t surprising to find out that he’s a fan of Disney movies. He was quite excited for this shoot:

The epic photo shoot was born when a fan sent Von Wong an email asking how he could sponsor a project for his start-up. That lead Von Wong and his crew to old German caves and a gorgeous monastic library in Austria.

Both locations had their own challenges.

Caves are humid, cold, with unpredictable weather, and one of the models was suffering from bladder infection. However, it is not everyday that you get to see shots taken in a cave that look so classy.

Portrait shot in a cave

One of the images produced by the photo shoot in the caves

The library proved to be a different challenge for Von Wong. He and his crew could only shoot after hours, so they had to light up the enormous library by themselves. They accomplished the task by using smaller speedlights to light up the ambient and a Broncolor reflector for the model.

Beauty and the Beast-inspired photo

Beauty and the Beast-inspired photo

monastic library

All in all, Von Wong demonstrates that team effort and selfless involvement are what made the project happen. There may have been problems like cold cave weather, late night shoots, and loads of gear to haul, but everyone had their top game, and now they all have an epic project to stand by their name.

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