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A while back we featured a Los Angeles hyperlapse by Vadim Tereschchenko. Tereschchenko is a professional photographer who specializes in hyperlapse. His work is admired all over the world and he routinely gets requests to either work with leading corporations or to license out his work. During his first visit to New York, he shot this amazing hyperlapse of the city:

Tereschchenko admits that the video only captures a tiny fraction of NYC’s beauty—he didn’t have the time to see it all. But even then the final output is quite stunning.

L.A. Hyperlapse by Vadim Tereshchenko
L.A. Hyperlapse by Vadim Tereshchenko
L.A. Hyperlapse by Vadim Tereshchenko
L.A. Hyperlapse by Vadim Tereshchenko

Many of Tereschchenko’s techniques are self-developed—that includes both the process of shooting and post-processing.

For Further Training on Timelapse Photography

In order to get started with hyperlapse photography, you’ll need to understand how to fully produce a timelapse sequence. This in-depth ebook explains how to shoot, process, and render timelapses using a DSLR camera.

Found here: The Timelapse Photography Guide

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