Rare Parrot Attempts to Mate with Photographer

Some wildlife photographers spend hours, days, weeks, months, or even years searching for their subject. Photographers for National Geographic are often sent to locations in which they must set up camp in the middle of a rain forest or frozen tundra to wait until they find a particular rare species. However, this was not the case for zoologist Mark Carwardine who, in an attempt to photograph the rare Kakapo parrot, found himself quickly up-close and personal with his subject:

In the BBC series Last Chance to See, Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine travel the world in search of rare species on the brink of extinction. On one of their many treks, they visited the rare Kakapo parrot, who, after posing for a few shots, took a particular interest in Carwardine. Stephen Fry gets in as many jokes as he can while watching the parrot attempt to mate with his partner Mark.

photographing rare parrot

Zoologist Mark Carwardine photographs the Kakapo

While Carwardine was in no real danger (other than a few scrapes on the neck) this video should remind us of how unpredictable animals can be and how safety should be a priority in photographing such subjects (Via Petapixel). On the other hand, this incident is quite humorous, and it’s hard to take very seriously, especially when you think about how Mark Carwardine may be the only person in existence to ever have been mated with by a Kakapo.

rare parrot mating with photographer

Kakapo attempts to mate with zoologist Mark Carwardine

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