What to Pack for Newborn Photography

Photographing babies, especially newborns, can be a tricky job. Babies cry, they get gassy, they pee the bed, and their skin peels. Photographer Ana Brandt has been photographing babies long enough that she’s figured out ways around each of these problems. Brandt shares what she packs in her bag before a shoot:


Brandt uses fluffy white materials to pose with babies. She recommends finding items that have the same tonal range but to also look for different materials and textures.

newborn photography kit

Pee Pads

Packing absorbent padding that is discrete can make a parent’s life a lot easier after the shoot is finished. Posing a baby on a bed will look great but once you pack up and leave, the parents have to deal with the mess. This is just a courtesy that will stand out once you’ve left.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

New babies are prone to sickness and making sure you protect that little one from unnecessary germs will make your clients feel safe working with you.

Rice Paper

Rice paper is an easy way to blot oil off of shiny faces. Some parents may need this and it can save you time later on when you’re retouching the photos.


Often newborn babies have dry peeling skin and it can take a lot of extra time trying to retouch this after a shoot. Aquaphor is a lotion that’s used in hospitals, and Brandt says it can almost entirely solve the look of dry skin in your photos.

Gripe Water

Gripe water is an all natural homeopathic gas reliever made with ginger and fennel. If the parents are okay with it, this can help soothe a gassy baby and help you get back to work once they’ve calmed down. You can find this at health food stores and often after a shoot Brandt gives the parents the bottle to keep.

baby supply bag

Packing a bag before a session with a baby can make the job easier for you, the parents, and the baby. You’ll have more relaxed customers and will look prepared and professional.

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