Wedding Photography: Reasons Why Clients Don’t Hire

Hiring a wedding photographer is a big decision. For that reason, couples planning to hire one will do their due diligence with researching and vetting wedding photographers. But the stakes are high—and a gig is never a sure bet. In today’s video, professional wedding photographer Taylor Jackson takes us through some of the factors that keep the couples from hiring a particular photographer:

Some of the factors Jackson highlights are beyond our control. But we can make things spin in our favor by paying attention to what we can control. A major setback is a lack of trust. If you’re able to convince them that your work and reputation are as good as promised, then you’re improving your chances of getting hired. You can work to establish trust through testimonials. Show them you’ve worked with people who attest to the quality of your work. Integrate their positive feedback into your website, blog, social posts or even your pricing list.

Another issue can be coherence. Potential clients want to know you have a certain style—they want to know what they’re getting. Whether it be your social media posts, your website or your portfolio, be picky. Make sure you’re telling a coherent story and theme across your whole body of work.

On top of these two reasons, Jackson mentions two weirder reasons why clients may not hire you. Be sure to watch the complete video to hear what they are.

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