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This video takes us through the thought process of a wedding photography team and how they approach their craft. These guys from 375 Photography have a lot of energy and produce excellent results, this segment is full of very useful tips for wedding photographers:

Their start point is working with the bridesmaids, as this not only allows good access to the bride but also is a potentially great source of new business.

Next up are the detail shots, and in particular their highly original signature ring shot, which involves dropping the rings into a fish tank of water. A black kitchen towel is used for the background and the tank is lit from either side with wirelessly controlled Canon flashguns. The lens is a 70-200 shot at telephoto length to create a narrow perspective.

A useful tip when shooting the guys in the wedding group is to tell them it will not take long, this build a rapport with them, which in turn makes them more likely to comply to the photographers demands.

Ever wondered how wedding photographers get that razor thin depth of field, well 375 Photography use what they call the 85 trick. Simply they demount an 85mm lens from the camera, and focus by moving the lens to or away from the camera body. Not easy to do but the results are fantastic:

wedding photo

Low depth of field wedding photography

The key to a successful wedding shoot is organization and here simplicity is the key. Rather than using expensive iPads, the team uses a clipboard and pen, a simple and professional solution. Another tip to convey professionalism is to walk with purpose. This shows the client  that you both know what you are doing and are working hard. The photographer should also show that  he is in charge of the situation, making sure everything happens in the right place and at the right time.One of the most emotional shots of the wedding day is the first dance. Here the team has a simple and creative solution. They mount a single wirelessly controlled flashgun directly behind the couple and use available light for the subject. The result is a very emotive style of picture.

For the reception, 375 use two wirelessly controlled Canon flashguns. The first is mounted on a stand and directed up to provide a soft bounced light over the room. The second is positioned low in the room and direct to create interesting shadows over the dance floor.

In conclusion, the most important aspect of the shoot is connecting with the client, understanding their needs and letting the creative look of your work promote you.

For Further Training on Wedding Photography:

Consider Simple Wedding Photography,  it covers everything you need to know to photograph a wedding and the business behind it. From diagrams of where you should stand throughout the ceremony to advice on all the final deliverables to the client. This 200 page ebook (and extras) will be useful to wedding photographers of any experience level.

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