Using Light Painting to Assist With Sports Car Photography

Photographer Alex Glass recently completed the shoot of his career when he partnered up with The DuPont Registry to create a photo of epic proportions. The following behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot takes viewers along for the ride as Glass and his team test out their Westcott Ice Lights on a a super sleek Ferrari California:

To get all the dynamics he was looking for in the photograph, Glass used composite photography. Composite photography is a technique that combines multiple photographs, taking certain elements from each image and layering them into one. To be able to do this, it is important that the camera completely still throughout the shoot. To ensure this, Glass connected his Nikon D800 to an iPad running CamRanger which gave him complete control over his camera without having to touch it.


Glass used Westcott Ice Lights to light paint the Ferrari.

The multi-location photoshoot took Glass to various parts of the city.

The multi-location photoshoot took Glass to various parts of the city.

For the background, Glass visited various locations around town to find the best location. He eventually settled on a parking garage, where he composed the background without the Ferrari needing to be on location. He then called on the team at AlreadyBeenChewed to help generate some 3D graphics to add to the photo, making it pop off the screen.

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