Using LCD Viewfinders with DSLRs for Photography

If you’re a gadget oriented photographer, you might want to explore the idea of using a magnetic LCD viewfinder to help get your photographs right before you even take them. An LCD viewfinder is a tool that is widely used by videographers but still relatively under-utilized by photographers. As Jimmy Hickey points out in the video below, in a lot of situations the benefits of using an LCD viewfinder far outweigh the disadvantages it also brings to the table. Take a look:

“An advantage to using the LCD viewfinder instead of just the viewfinder itself is basically you can get the exposure exactly where you want it before you take the photograph. When you take the image, you know exactly how it’s going to look.”

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One response to “Using LCD Viewfinders with DSLRs for Photography”

  1. J says:

    I agree the viewfinder is better than the optical view for photography. The reason, as stated in the article, is the white balance and exposure are near exactly what will be photographed. One of my cameras, the Sony A55, has completely removed the optical viewfinder and I don’t miss it. Both viewfinder and the flip out are high resolution LCD.

    More specifically, the traditional optical view is merely coincidental with what image is actually taken by the camera. Before the shot is taken, I would much rather have a preview of what the *camera* sees rather than what my eyes see. These two views are *not* the same. The optical viewfinder is misleading as to the quality and exposure range the photo will actually have. Yes, I’d like a camera that can shoot exactly what my eyes see but that’s not happening in the near future.

    Then the flip out viewfinder takes photography to another creative level by allowing easy high and low angle shots. Shots most people would rarely do even if they had knee and elbow pads!

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