Top 10 Most Popular Photography Articles of 2011

As we get close to the end of 2011, I thought it would be interesting to look back and see what readers had the most interest in this year. It has been a year of huge growth for PictureCorrect, and we just want to say a big “Thank You” to those of you who have shared our articles with your friends and family. These articles attracted the most attention and readers this year.

We would love to hear your thoughts on these articles as we continue to improve our topic selection, please tell us which one was most useful to you and why.

top 10 articles on picturecorrect

1. How to Use Depth of Field – Over 100,000 readers have arrived at this article since it was published! It goes over the essentials of how aperture and depth of field are related and how they can be used to create compelling compositions.

2. Top 10 Photographers Every Student Should Study – Whether you’re a serious student, accomplished artist, or a hobbyist, there is much to learn from these icons of photography, both from today and years past.

3. How to Take Photos in Low Light – Images of night scenes never fail to impress. Night-time images have great ambiance, something which is often absent in flat, bright, daylight photos.

4. Low Light Photography Tips – This infographic turned out to be very popular and useful to readers. Low light photography is something that we all must deal with as photographers. Photography is all about light, low light photography is no different and it offers new challenges and opportunities for creativity.

5. Steps to Macro Photography and Tips – Learning to use your camera’s macro feature, on camera or lens, will open up a whole new world in your photography and may just get you into trouble. Why? Because it can become an addiction and lead to more expensive equipment.

6. How to do HDR Photography – This is a simple how-to HDR tutorial to help you create amazing HDR photographs that make viewers say, “Wow!” Follow these easy steps and you can be creating HDR masterpieces today. Follow these easy steps and you can be creating HDR masterpieces today.

7. Time-lapse Photography – One of the most popular and talented time-lapse photographers in the world is Terje Sorgjerd. He has released four videos to the public shown within this article; all of which except the newest release have received millions of views.

8. Aperture and Shutter: Science of the F-stop – If you ever wondered how to take portrait photos of a subject with a blurred background, or how they take those pictures of trailing lights or water across a landscape, keep reading.

9. Street Photography Tips and Techniques – A good street photographer is not only fearful in the beginning (this is a good sign of being sensitive) but they also don’t want to do anything which will change the how the subject is behaving.

10. Swedish Nature Photographer of the Year Exposed as Fraud – Nature photographers worldwide watched a scandal that came to light in Sweden. A widely regarded nature photographer, was exposed and subsequently admitted to publishing multiple photographs in which endangered (hard to find) animals were inserted into nature scenes using Photoshop.

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