You’ll Be Shocked By What This Model Really Looks Like Before Photoshop

It’s official: mass media has gone too far. And not only have advertisers successfully indoctrinated us by telling us what women should look like, but the videos that call out said advertisers–women’s rights groups, inner beauty campaigns–have also fallen into a predictable pattern of condemn, rinse, repeat. If you haven’t seen them, well, as CollegeHumor shows us, they look something like this:

That last punchline is fantastic. The whole thing is pretty spot-on satire of the “Before/After” anti-Photoshop campaign, and leave it to CollegeHumor┬áto carve out the stereotype so well.

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One response to “You’ll Be Shocked By What This Model Really Looks Like Before Photoshop”

  1. Terry J Morton says:

    What guves people like this the right to deceive the public in this manner? I say this is sio very wrong that this is allowed to take pkace.

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