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This new 172-page eBook walks you through everything necessary to take spectacular photographs of wildlife. From choosing the right destination, gear and settings. Through composing – and shooting – breathtaking images. Author Nick Dale even reveals how he makes money from his wildlife shots! It is currently 80% off today for the first 500 customers if you want to check it out. Launch sale found here: Wonderful Wildlife at 80% Off

wonderful wildlife ebook

Wonderful Wildlife (see inside)

Have you ever dreamt about photographing wild animals in their natural habitats? Birds in your garden, bears in the woods, elephants in Botswana, tigers in India. The great thing about wildlife photography is that you can do it anywhere in the world. You don’t have to go on an expensive African safari to capture great photos, you can also find wildlife much closer to home.

Step 1. Gear

The gear you use is really important for wildlife photography.

If you’re shooting animals in their natural habitat, it’s vital that you don’t disturb them… this means you can’t get close.

Nick shoots almost exclusively with a 400mm and an 800mm lens. And these aren’t cheap.

BUT… you can rent gear, you can use teleconverters to increase your focal length, and you can use crop sensors to get closer.

This eBook covers the gear you need for almost any wildlife situation.

Step 2. Location

Nick is lucky to have shot on every continent in the world over the past ten years.

This means he has insights into the best nature reserves, parks, and natural habitats.

wildlife photos

Somes of the images from the tutorials (see more within)

Whether you’re looking to shoot in your local area, or you’re planning a trip to Africa…

Nick’s insights will save you time and money.

Step 3. Settings

When you’re shooting at 800mm, with a maximum aperture of f/5.6… your settings start to get quite tricky.

You have to work within the limitations of your gear, while still capturing perfectly sharp images.

Fortunately, Nick has photographed hundreds of wild animals and he has great advice on how to make your camera work in tough conditions.

Camera settings won’t always be complicated, but it’s important to know what to prioritize.

Step 4. Composition

Great composition can make ordinary scenes look remarkable… just imagine if you could apply that to wildlife photography!

Whether you’re using the rule of odds, eye lens, repetitions, or juxtaposition… the right composition can transform your scene.

photographing animals

Photo by the Author (see more within)

Nick covers his favorite tips to add depth and context to his wildlife images.

Step 5. Capturing The Moment

Wildlife photography is about more than capturing photos of animals… it’s about capturing their lives.

When you study an animal’s movement, you can predict their actions and be ready to capture stunning action shots.

Whether that’s a jaguar killing a caiman, a bear catching a salmon, or an elephant blowing dust.

With Nick’s advice, you’ll be ready for them all.

Bonus #1 – 30 Global Wildlife Case Studies (Value $99)

Do you want to go behind the scenes of 30 of Nick’s most famous photos?

In this bonus, Nick shows you the exact process he used to capture photos in 13 countries, across five continents.

wildlife photo case studies

Wildlife Photography Case Studies (see camera settings & details)

Not only are these exciting to read, but they’ll help you to be prepared for the same shooting situations when your time comes.

Along with the settings he uses, he also tells detailed stories of how the images were captured.

How to Get Wonderful Wildlife for a Discount Today:

Wonderful Wildlife is currently 80% off for the launch sale for the first 500 customers (normally $99, currently $19). They have also thrown in 30 bonus case studies and wildlife camera FAQ’s. It all comes with an impressive 90 day happiness guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it.

Launch sale ending soon: Wonderful Wildlife eBook & Cheat Sheets at 80% Off

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