When to Use a Light Meter in Photography

Mark Wallace is back at it, delivering another informative video tutorial, this time focusing on the helpfulness of a light meter. There is no question as to whether or not a light meter can improve your photography, but knowing why and how to use one is crucial to the equation. In his video, Wallace describes various situations in which he employs the handy tool and pairs them with some excellent tips to help you get the most out of your light meter:

Basically, a light meter takes the guess work out of setting up your lights. Wallace attributes his quick setup time to the fact that he knows exactly what power to set each of his lights at without having to go through the process of taking multiple test images.

studio lighting
Using a light meter when using a softbox as a background, like Wallace has done in the following photograph, helped ensure that the light produced will appear to be more sun-like rather than an over powering back light.

beauty dish

“In addition to just the ease of use of being able to dial into the power right from the meter, there are times when it can really make the difference between making and breaking a setup. With the meter it’s great. You just meter it. If things need to be changed, change it right there and you’re done.”

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  1. Very nice article. Makes me consider if I should get myself a light meter

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