“When I Grow Up” Photo Project Brings Childhood Dreams to Life

What did you want to be when you were a kid? A firefighter? Scientist? President of the United States? A new photo project, “When I Grow Up,” tackles that very question—by letting kids bring their dreams to life:

The project was shot by Georgia-based photographer Brandon Cawood, whose sister Malisa Cawood, a fifth-grade teacher, signed on to have her students participate in this project.

innovative photography project

The idea is that kids pose as the professions they hope to one day be, with a full set being sold as a 2016–17 calendar. Proceeds will go to to the City of Refuge.


The photos are cutely surreal and full of hope—a similar idea (and style) to Cawood’s previous large-scale project, “Not All Wear Capes,” which portrayed firefighters, doctors and police officer as everyday superheroes.

city of refuge charity



The kids’ choices are pretty well thought-out, as you can see:

“The reason I want to be a firefighter is because they are brave, and they’re strong, and they don’t step back into fear. They push ahead and they keep on trying.”

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