Want to Learn the Secrets of Personality-Filled Family Photos?

Get five pro tips for turning spontaneous moments into unforgettable photos! Plus, gain the skills and confidence to think like a storyteller and shoot your most compelling family photos yet. Enroll in professional photographer Kirk Tuck’s online Craftsy class Family Photography: Candid Moments & Storytelling.


Family Photography: candid moments & storytelling

1. Understand the relationships

Having a handle on the relationships is helpful when you are dealing with a larger family or a split family. Nothing ruins the fun quicker than making a divorced couple stand next to each other or siblings who are at odds act like they like each other. Find out ahead of time if there are any issues to be aware of that may make family photos awkward.


Focus on family relationships.

2. Make zoom lenses your friend

If you are working with young kids or large families it may be best to keep a zoom lens on your camera at all times. Unless, of course you think you can move faster than the kids and frame them up just right with a prime lens while they are squirming around. The zoom gives you more flexibility.

3. Use fast shutter speeds

For the same reason as above, fast shutter speeds are also your friend. Keep above 1/250 to make sure that you can freeze the action with fast moving children. You need that sliver of time to catch expressions before they change and are never seen again. Any slower and you may see some blurriness in your family photos.


Use a fast shutter speed to freeze action.

4. Be silly

Most kids are put at ease by silliness. Let them know that you want them to have fun by acting a little bit silly. Not only will it hold the children’s attention, but it will cause them to smile and want to look at you. You might also get some funny reactions from the parents.


Make the photo session fun.

5. Use favorite toys

Having the parents bring along the kids favorite toys can be helpful. First, you can use the toys to bribe the children to do what you want. Second, they tend to be happier when with their favorite toys. And third, having toys in the shot can be a nice slice of life, telling a story about that child years from now when the family looks back on the photos.


Toys and pets bring life and special memories to family photos.

Now that you’ve discovered a few tricks to take your photos up a notch, get more expert strategies for indoor and outdoor family shoots. Sign up for the online Craftsy class Family Photography: Candid Moments & Storytelling. During class you’ll learn essential techniques for blur-free action shots, flattering bounce flash portraits and more, with guidance from professional photographer Kirk Tuck in the comfort of your home. Enjoy lifetime access, and ask Kirk questions as you go for all the answers you need.

What are some of your favorite tricks for taking family photos when working with children?

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