Using Pegboard to Create a Starry Effect Background

This is a great behind-the-scenes video for the photographer who is always looking to try something new in portrait photography. Photographer Nick Francher creates a mini studio setup using white pegboard, glossy white hardboard, some tape, and a few strobes. The result is a unique starry effect that looks as if the back wall is lined with LED lights:

This simple setup creates dramatic back-lighting, which really makes the subject stand out. Another great benefit is that the light from the strobes reflects off of the top and bottom hardboard to help light the sides and front of the subject. Francher has also used a fog machine to exaggerate the streaks of light. Although this does add a unique atmosphere to the shots, it’s not necessary to get the starry effect. And the best part is that it’s cheap. Francher was able to create this setup with less than $85.

starry portraits

Stobes shining through pegboard give the appearance of a background of LED lights

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