Underwater Photography Masterclass

Ever wonder what it takes to bring your DSLR scuba diving? Photographer Larry Cohen, an expert in underwater photography, explains how you can start your own underwater photographic adventures in this tutorial. He covers the gear you need, such as underwater housing and strobes, and also goes on to discuss some of his own experiences photographing ocean life and shipwrecks:

Cohen covers many topics in this tutorial, but one he stresses particularly is balancing the flash and ambient light. Due to the direction and lack of light underwater, strobes are needed to properly light your subject, plus they bring out the colors in it. In addition, you need to watch your shutter speed and make sure that it’s slow enough to capture the ambient light you need to properly light the background.

He also suggests shooting with a wide angle lens, which allows you to get closer to your subject and minimize haze present in low visibility conditions.

sea turtle

Choose an appropriate shutter speed to allow for ambient light to show the background

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One response to “Underwater Photography Masterclass”

  1. John says:

    Awesome. I generally use the underwater mode and I find it to be so unprofessional. I can now try to adjust the settings manually.

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