The Ultimate Photography Bundle

What do you get when you put together 32 world-class photography instructors and 41 of their most essential and invaluable teaching resources?

photography bundle 2017

The Ultimate Photography Bundle 2017

These top-quality resources cover all the topics that matter to the serious photographer… camera essentials, editing, family photography, inspiration & style, landscape, wedding photography, niche photography, and the business of photography.

With these 41 world-class products you’ll learn how to:

  • find perfect lighting every time
  • consistently pose and shoot pro-quality portraits
  • capture stunning landscapes
  • edit and organize like the experts
  • build a thriving photography business
  • and finally start taking the photos you’ve always dreamed of.

Even better? You’re about to learn from la creme de la creme. I mean, we’re talking about Jeremy Cowart, David Molnar, Zach and Jody Gray, Katelyn James, Click it up a Notch, Cole’s Classroom, Tamara Lackey, and so many more.

Leading Professional Products & Instructors

So why on earth would these big-name photographers put their very best products into such a discounted package?

Because they’re all passionate about the same thing… coming together to equip, empower and educate a new generation of aspiring photographers and helping them pursue their dreams. By joining forces and doing it together, they can help so many more people than they could on their own.

They all agreed that the bundle would be available for six days only, and then it will disappear.

Contents of The Ultimate Photography Bundle 2017:

Camera Essentials

  • iPhone Photo Academy by Emil Pakarklis
  • Master Your DSLR by David Molnar
  • Mastering Photography by Andrew Gibson
  • Mastering Lenses by Andrew Gibson


  • Master Editing in Lightroom eCourse by David Molnar
  • Photoshop 101: From Zero to Sixty in One Hour by David Molnar
  • The Cole’s Classroom Lightroom Presets Bundle by Cole’s Classroom
  • 2 Lil Owls Texture Bundle by Denise Love
  • Kodachrome Presets by Gavin Gough
  • MB Glitter Overlays by Morgan Burks
photo products

Some of the products included

Landscape Photography

  • Milky Way Mastery by Joshua Dunlop
  • Cityscape Photography: The Comprehensive Guide by Richard Schneider
  • The Black & White Landscape by Andrew Gibson
  • The Black & White Landscape Companion by Andrew Gibson

Family Photography

  • The Photo Fix by Kyle Shultz
  • Family Session With Family Posing Guide Combo by Angie Monson
  • Quick Tip Photo Cards: Printable Cheat Sheets for Moms by Meg Calton
  • The Key to Natural Posing Workshop by Katie Evans
  • The Posing Playbook…For Kids Who Don’t Do Posing by Tamara Lackey

Inspiration & Style

  • See U Lite by Jeremy Cowart
  • Photograph the Everyday: Understanding Light & Composition by Courtney Slazinik
  • Mastering Composition by Andrew Gibson
  • Recreating Golden Hour: Using Flash to Mimic the Sun by SLR Lounge
  • Teen Photographer Magazine by Megan Roberts

Professional photographers at work

Niche Photography

  • Shot in the Dark: Your Guide to Low Light Food Photography by Trisha Hughes
  • Take Better Blog Photos: Become a Better Blogger with Better Photos in About 8 Weeks by Holly McCaig
  • The Candid Portrait by Andrew Gibson
  • Travel Photographer’s Handbook by Gavin Gough

The Business of Photography

  • 6 Weeks To 6 Figures Business Course! by Zach & Jody Gray
  • The KJ Marketing Jumpstart by Katelyn James
  • 5-Piece Photography Business & Client Forms by Sallyann Ralph
  • Boutique Studio Email Templates by Jeff & Erin Youngren
  • Get Booked by Amy Fraughton
  • Going Pro: Recipe for Success by Digital Photography School
  • How to Sell: The Complete Online System Workflow by WordSmith for Photographers
  • Luxury Marketing Magazine Template by Melissa Love
  • Peripheral Vision: How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income For Photographers by Melissa Bolton
  • Photographers Welcome Packet by Heidi Haden
  • Photography Marketing Boards Bundle | Modern Lettering by Birdesign
  • Photo Overlays | Booking by Birdesign
  • Plan It by TheLawTog
photography products

Leading photography products

Even more Bonuses:

  • $25 gift certificate to Artsy Couture ($25 value)
  • 1 year digital subscription to Click Magazine ($36 value)
  • $15 gift certificate to Loktah ($15 value)
  • 6 months free of Pixpa’s starter plan ($60 value)
  • $20 gift certificate from Porteen Gear ($20 value)
  • $20 off the Portrait Package plus Black Snoot and an 8″ Bounce Card Set from Spinlight 360 ($60)
  • 1 year of StickyAlbums with a limit of up to 10 StickyAlbums ($120 value)
ultimate photography bundle

The Ultimate Photography Bundle 2017

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