New: The Ultimate Lightroom Workflow at 52% Off

If you are struggling with photo editing or Adobe Lightroom in any way, you should take a look at this! Professional Aussie photographer Johny Spencer has a photographer’s dream job; he’s a full-time professional photographer for the National Parks Service in Australia. This means he takes thousands of photos a month… and then edits them in Lightroom. He has just released his first product on how he edits his photos quickly, achieves professional results and the reviews have been great! We were able to negotiate a 52% discount for our readers today which ends soonDeal found here: The Ultimate Lightroom Workflow at 52% Off

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New: The Ultimate Lightroom Workflow (Click to Learn More)

Do you feel like you waste hours fiddling with sliders, trying to make your images just right? And when you see the before and after your heart sinks because you wonder if it looks any better than the original image. So, you spend more time making changes, only to become more confused.

Or… are you frustrated because the latest ‘guaranteed’ presets you just downloaded make your images look totally ‘overcooked’ and unnatural? And you have to waste more time making custom ‘tweaks’ that never really work.

Spencer was looking for a fast and reliable way to take his raw images for work from ‘good’ to ‘great’. An efficient way to enhance the features in unique photos. And a way to correct imperfections and salvage important images that otherwise would be lost to the trash.

After trying thousands….yes thousands of Photoshop plugins and Lightroom presets he still couldn’t get the results he was looking for with his work.

With no other option available he bit the bullet and committed to learning everything about Lightroom with the goal of producing stunning, natural images – quickly and reliably. That is how the Ultimate Lightroom Workflow came to be.

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Before and After Example Using the Workflow (Click to See More)

Some of the Many Topics Covered:

  • The quickest, easiest way to install all your presets (watch this 2 minute video – all 80 presets will be up and running before it’s finished)
  • A new way of thinking about Lightroom workflow that will change the way you edit photos forever (and save you hours of frustration)
  • 5 short-cut secrets to giving your images mesmerizing depth (without turning them into digital disasters)
  • How to produce ‘travel-guide-quality’ sunsets (with and without foreground subjects). Even pros get this wrong. But with these tips you’ll turn ordinary skyscapes into wall-worthy vistas
  • 3 common black and white mistakes (and how to use greyscale to seduce the viewer with a magic that bridges reality and fantasy)
  • Wildlife photos are easy to edit, right – I mean the subjects speak for themselves? Wrong. Without these tips your wildlife images will look dull and lifeless (i.e. dead). Follow the simple tips in this tutorial and when people look at prints on your wall they will hear the roar, feel the splash, and smell the… (well maybe not smell anything)
  • Blue skies: get it wrong and all your landscapes shots will look ‘canned’ and fake. But follow these simple tips and watch people move closer to your prints as if they are compelled to walk straight into the scene
  • Real life case studies demonstrating all 80 presets in action (and when… and how to use them to produce stunning, natural images in under 2 minutes)
  • More than 16 years and 100’s of thousands of photos of experience to make you a Lightroom ‘Ninja’

Produce Stunning Images Consistently in Under 2 Minutes

Ending the Struggles of Photo Post-Processing:

  • Never struggle again to make your images look like what you saw when you pressed the shutter.
  • Never get disappointed again that you can’t give your images that wow factor easily.
  • Never get overwhelmed post-processing your images in Lightroom again.

How to Get the Ultimate Workflow for a Discount Today:

We were able to negotiate a 52% discount for our readers today which ends soon. It also carries a 30 day happiness guarantee, if you are not satisfied with any part of the course simply let him know for a full refund – so there’s no risk in trying it.

Deal found here: The Ultimate Lightroom Workflow at 52% Off

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