Top Tips for GoPro Photography

We photographers have been guilty quite a number of times for undermining the capabilities of smaller cameras and opting to work with the bigger ones. Mirrorless cameras today have shown what we were missing and have become a noticeable addition to the world of photography. Similarly, GoPro, which was primarily taken as an action video camera has come a long way. Today, they’re not only great video cameras but are equally good when it comes to taking stills. Importantly, their small footprint also opens up a whole new creative dimension in photography. In today’s video, travel and action sports filmmaker Chris Rogers reveals some of his top tips, tricks, hacks, and secrets that he uses to take mind-blowing shots using his GoPro:

A GoPro is a great tool when you want to take some dynamic selfies. A great tip that Rogers shares is to take the photo with the camera in portrait orientation. This way, you can easily adapt the image to the requirements of most social media sites. And you might have experienced when taking selfies using a GoPro, the selfie stick creeping into the frame, which can be an eye-sore. Rogers shows you how you can easily overcome this issue. And while we’re still talking about tips for taking selfies, you can bring these photos to life by capturing motion in the image. Using an ND filter is a great way to do this as Rogers shows you in the video.

Besides taking selfies, you can also take POV images using the short focal length of a GoPro camera.  Just be sure to include some portion of the body in the frame. This adds a personal touch and also increases the engagement in your photographs.

And if you’re really adventurous, you can take a GoPro in the water with you by housing it safely inside a dome and taking some epic underwater shots. Using a dome has its own set of challenges though and Rogers elaborately shows you how you can overcome them.

For details on these tips and more, be sure to watch the complete video. You’ll be surprised to see how far your GoPro can take you creatively and professionally.

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