Tips for Taking Better Baby Photos

Ask everyone that’s ever tried to take photos of their baby, it’s hard work. No matter how good they look on camera, simply trying to point the camera at a baby and take a picture is going to yield some very… unflattering results. Thankfully, in the video below Michael Kormos¬†gives us some much needed tips on baby pictures:

So, as it’s the case with most types of photos, if you take a closer look at the problems you face with the conditions you take photos in, the subject and your equipment it’s suddenly a lot easier to improve. In our particular case, here’s how you can take better baby photos:

how to take better baby photos

Taking photos of a baby is more fun than work, when done right.

Taking better baby photos

  1. Use a DSLR camera. Taking photos with your phone works, but the results are pretty much what you would expect. A professional DSLR camera, even an entry level one, will improve your photos dramatically.
  2. Use a prime lens. I personally found the difference between kit lenses and prime lenses astounding, especially for portraits.
  3. Think about lighting. Use a lot of light for your photos – natural light is best, but you might want to diffuse it with a bed sheet.
  4. Make the baby happy! You get the best baby photos when they’re rested and well fed – happiness shows!
  5. Get on the baby’s level. There’s an obvious height difference between you and the baby, but the greatest results come when you are both on the same level, so place the baby on a bed and get right at his or her level.
  6. Get the baby’s attention. I find that making goofy faces and sounds grabs their attention and puts a huge smile on their faces.
  7. Pose the baby head-on. As Michael shows in the video above, this is the classic baby pose.
how to take better baby photos

And voila! These tips will help you get better baby photos in no time!

And that’s just about it – with just a couple of simple steps you can have a perfect baby photo, ready to place on your fireplace.

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