Tips to Improve Your Winter Photography

Going out for a nature photo shoot in the snow can transform old places into entirely new ones. However, with this exciting prospect, you’re also likely to face some challenges. So to help you out with tips and tricks on winter photography, today we have photographer Henry Turner in the following video:

An interesting tip from Turner is to keep track of the conditions at your destination via public webcam. Using such services, you can understand how things look ahead of time. They also help you plan your travel and prepare for the duration of your stay.

If you prefer working in auto or semi-auto mode, remember that the camera will be tricked when evaluating exposure. Chances are high that your images will come out a little underexposed, causing the snow to appear grey. In such circumstances, be sure to use your exposure compensation dial to slightly overexpose the scene.

“Hunt for snow just like you’d hunt for autumn colors in autumn, heather in summer and bluebells in spring.”

Since nothing gives a strong winter vibe like snow, put in your best effort to find the best-looking snow. This will help you land excellent winter shots. Whether it be snow-capped landscapes, blanketed trees or even rocks under a thin layer of ice, they all can be great subjects for your winter photography. Shoot wide or close and play around with your perspective.

If you’re looking for ideas and tips for winter photography, be sure to watch the complete video. You’ll learn a lot from Turner’s practical approach.

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