Tips for Street Photography During Golden Hour

Golden hour has a special place in photography. If you shoot landscapes, portraits or even weddings, you all know how magical that golden touch of light really is. But seldom do we hear street photographers talking about the value of street photography during golden hours. In this video, photographer Frederik Trovatten goes out in the morning right before sunrise to try out some street photography. He also shares some tips on street photography during golden hour. Let’s see how it all goes:

One interesting trick Trovatten recommends: find a street that’s parallel to the path of the sunrise. (In the evening, you can also look for a street that’s parallel to the path of the sunset.) When the sun is low and close to the horizon, you’ll get longer shadows, which can make your images much more interesting.

Another benefit of shooting street photography during golden hours is that you will come across many subjects starting their day or heading home. That means more photo opportunities for you, because you’ll find people with lots of energy—or maybe not so much, depending on who you’re shooting.

Have you ever tried your hand at street photography during the golden hour? If you haven’t, make sure to check out the video. Hopefully it will inspire you to try out some golden hour street photography for yourself.

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