Timelapse Photography of the Active Skies over La Palma

At 270 square miles (700 sq. km) and less than 100,000 residents, La Palma may be the third smallest of Africa’s seven main Canary Islands, but it isn’t widely known as “La Isla Bonita” (beautiful island) for nothing. As a product of volcanic activity from its massive caldera volcano Taburiente, La Palma boasts dramatic geography. The island’s lowest point is 4,000 feet below sea level and its highest peaks stretch more than 7,800 feet above sea level—above the clouds.

In fact, as shown in this timelapse called “El Cielo de La Palma” by Daniel López, the view from La Palma’s highest elevations is a roiling sea of clouds by day and wondrous, deep space by night:

La Palma’s highest mountain harbors the famous Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, which contains many of the world’s premier telescopes and enjoys the one of the best astronomy locations in the Northern Hemisphere.

la palma timelapse daniel lopez

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    This is absolutely stunning!!
    Sobhan Allah.

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