Timelapse and Hyperlapse Techniques Put Abidjan in Motion

With timelapse and hyperlapse techniques, photographer/videographer Mayeul Akpovi created this amazing video using over 45,000 photos taken over a shoot spanning 15 days in the city of Abidjan (located on the Ivory Coast of Africa). After an additional 15 days of video editing, the aptly titled Abidjan in Motion was born:

From the busy freeways to the captivating nightlife, this three minute film provides viewers with a detailed digital view showcasing an entirely new prospective of this intriguing African metropolitan.

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For those unfamiliar with the approach, hyperlapse is a popular timelapse technique where you move the camera across large distances, rather than moving the camera with a slider or crane. The images are then viewed using a sequence at normal speeds to create a sense of movement and time lapsing.

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