This Acrobatic Photographer Has a Bizarre Way of Capturing Portraits

Every photographer has their own way of shooting around and getting the perfect image. One photographer, Nguyen Dinh An from Vietnam, has a very unique way of capturing the moment—from just about every angle:

At only 22-years-old, Nguyen Dinh An easily rolls, kicks, spins, and dances his way around the photo shoot. The seemingly strange behavior is actually part of Nguyen’s special technique to put his subjects at ease. His acrobatic ninja rolls and Michael Jackson moonwalks trigger genuine smiles and laughs.

photographer does acrobatics

That’s one way to put your subjects at ease!

ninja wedding photographer

“High Fly 2015” (Via Facebook. Click image to see full size.)

Here’s another hilarious video of Nguyen getting into the moment and provoking some giggles.

Nguyen uses a Canon 5D Mark III during his photographic performances.

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