The Simplest Explanation of Camera Aperture Ever

If you’ve ever wanted to explain how the aperture on your camera works but didn’t quite have the words, or you’re looking to understand the science behind it just a little better, don’t miss this video by the folks at MinutePhysics. Not only does it give the simplest explanation of aperture ever, it also leaves you with a trick for focusing without your glasses:

The key takeaway for us photographers is that using smaller and smaller apertures makes everything come into more focus—there‚Äôs less space for light to bounce around. That’s why it’s easier to have the entire photo in focus with a higher f-stop (i.e. smaller aperture) than with a lower f-stop (bigger aperture).

One key difference between cameras and the human eye, however, is that cameras block—rather than focus—light, making the images much darker. That’s why, combined with the getting the right focal length, the right exposure is so crucial.

Aperture Explained Simply

Pinhole Focus

Have you tried the trick of looking at something small through a pinhole? Did it work for you?

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