The Easiest Guide to Basic Photo Compositing Ever

New to Photoshop and wondering how people make some of those stellar composite images you’re seeing all over the web? Or perhaps you’re an old hand at photo editing, but learning compositing has seemed a bit daunting? Well either way, if you’ve been wanting to try your hand at it, you’re in luck. Not only are the basic elements of photo compositing relatively easy to learn, they’re also laid out simply and easily in this quick video below from Adobe specialist Terry White:

Photo compositing, the art of blending two or more photos together into one image, is particularly simple in Photoshop. All you really need to know to begin with is a simple understanding of how to use layers and layer masks and the magic of the Free Transform tool.

Easy photo compositing with Terry White

With a little playing around you’ll find yourself creating unique images that can be used for anything from artwork to marketing. Try it out!

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