The Art of Portrait Photography at 80% Off

Do you know what subject generally scares the daylights out of new photographers? Photographing people! This eBook is designed to help you become a master of portraits with insider secrets used by professionals and more. It contains 214 pages of in-depth easy learning packed with illustrations, case-studies and assignments to verify your knowledge. We were able to negotiate an 80% discount for our readers today which ends soon if you want to check it out. Deal found here: The Art of Portrait Photography at 80% Off

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The Art of Portrait Photography at 80% Off (Learn more)

Be honest – Have you found yourself gravitating towards subjects that don’t cry, throw things, or refuse to do whatever is asked of them… Am I right?

Do you have lots of photographs of barns, fences, plates of food, and landscapes? But portraits – not so much? Don’t worry. We’ve all been in that same boat.

Author, and professional photographer, Kent DuFault, has put over three decades of experience into this eBook. If it’s happened in a portrait session, it’s happened to him. His pain is your gain.

Some of the Many Topics Covered (214 Pages):

  • How to meet a portrait subjects needs (Page 16)
  • What is an “Environmental” Portrait? (Page 22)
  • Why your choice of memory card as important as your choice of camera and lens (Page 28)
  • What type of light should you use? Natural Light? Flash? LED? HMI? (Pages 36 – 47)
  • Where should you focus the lens when there is a group of people? (Page 55)
  • How to Modify Light to match your vision of the portrait (Pages 60 – 73)
  • Insider Tips on how to build your own lighting gear (Pages 75 – 83)
  • How to work with portrait subjects of all ages and backgrounds (Pages 101 – 119)
  • How to Pick a Proper location for your Portrait Shoot? (Pages 121 – 141)
  • What is the difference between a “masculine” and “feminine” pose? (Pages 155 – 169)
portrait examples

Portrait Techniques and Tutorials (Learn more within)

What You Will Learn:

  • Where to find the best natural light
  • What are the best lenses to use
  • How to get great shots with minimal equipment
  • What f/stop should you use
  • What kind of lighting gear do you want
  • How to make your own lighting gear from stuff that’s lying around your house
  • What steps to take for razor sharp photos
  • How to bend, squeeze, and alter light for dramatic effects
  • How to make backdrops for certain kinds of sessions
  • How to assemble a team of willing helpers
  • How to setup multiple lights
  • Learn how to pose a single subject and groups of people
  • Discover how to PROPERLY compose a portrait Uncover why ‘triangle’ and ‘x’ posing is SO IMPORTANT
  • Learn where you should place the focus: both on one person and huge groups of people
  • Discover why you need to pay special attention to hands, knees, elbows, and necks
  • You’ll even get some pointers on how to put together a make-up kit and smooth skin in post-production!
portrait examples

Portrait Examples from the eBook (See more within)

“During my 30 years of photographing people professionally, I discovered that creating a superb portrait is so much more than knowing how to set up the lights. Don’t get me wrong: perfect technical execution is important, and that part is covered in the book. But, more importantly, is knowledge on how you handle your subject.” -Author Kent DuFault

How to Get a Discounted Copy Today (With a Bonus):

We were able to negotiate an 80% discount for our readers (total value of $50, currently just $10). It also comes with an unbeatable 365-day, happiness guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it.

Deal ending soon: The Art of Portrait Photography at 80% Off

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  1. Portrait photography can be so simple and yet very complex craft to master, depends on the style photographer defines for her/his self. There will be always the need for someone to help the upcoming new wave of portrait photographers, I’m quite glad that there are people like you – it requires a level of bravery and confidence, something I have’t managed to build on yet.

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